Animal Control

The Animal Control Officer is responsible for the enforcement of the State and Municipal Codes regulating the keeping of animals within the City.

Contacting Animal Control

The Animal Control Officer can be contacted at 601-442-3930 during business hours Monday thru Friday. The individual calling will be asked their name, phone number, address and the nature of the call. To enable the ACO to effectively address the problem, calls will be addressed in the order they are received with emergency calls handled first. In case of an emergency after business hours or on the weekend, you are asked to report the problem to the Natchez Police Department. Emergency cases are cases such as injured animals, bite cases or aggressive animals.

Pick-up of Animals

Any animals picked up by the Animal Control Officer will be transported to the Natchez- Adams County Humane Society. The Humane Society is located at 392 Liberty Road and can be contacted by calling 601-442-4001, Natchez, Ms.

Natchez - Adams County Humane Society