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Whether it’s going to doctor’s appointments or the grocery store, Mississippi’s public transit providers offer citizens a reliable transportation option and help connect Mississippi.


Our Region: Natchez is part of the state’s SMART region serves 13 counties in Southwest Mississippi. The public transit systems in this region offer transportation services to local colleges and universities, employment trips to area businesses, as well as non-emergency medical transportation. 


Who We Serve

General Transportation

Public transit offers reliable transportation solutions to Mississippians with limited mobility options. Providers offer trips that promote rural-to-urban connectivity and allow citizens to stay connected to the people and places that are most important.

Senior Citizens

Mississippi’s public transit system offers a transportation solution to citizens who are limited in their ability to drive. Senior citizens utilize the state’s public transit system to assist them in getting to doctor’s appointments, the grocery store and other places that help improve their quality of life.

Individuals with Disabilities

Public transit systems enable individuals with disabilities access to their community. Providers offer wheelchair and handicapped accessible transportation to accommodate anyone who wants to be connected.

College Students

Public transit has seen rapid growth in Mississippi’s college towns. Students can utilize public transit not only to get around campus but to connect with destinations in the surrounding community.


Public transit providers offer trips for employees to local businesses in their respective areas. Many companies collaborate with public transit providers in their areas to ensure employees have reliable transportation to and from work.


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of transportation does Natchez Transit provide?

Natchez Transit provides community rural general public demand response, park and ride, deviated fixed-route service. Commonly requested service types are transportation to employment sites, educational institutions, general shopping, social and community places, airports, train stations, medical visits, public, private, and governmental buildings to name a few.

Does Natchez Transit provide services to other areas?

Natchez Transit System through coordination with other private and public providers offers community transportation services to most cities, towns, and communities in southwest Mississippi.

What are the hours of operations? 

Natchez Transit service operations are 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday. Saturday transportation services are 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Sunday transportation is provided by pre-arranged subscription only.

How do I schedule a ride? 

Call our customer service representative at 601-445-7568.

What is the cost of a transportation ride?

The cost varies according to the specific requests of the passenger. Customer service will provide this information at the time of booking. Some services have nominal cost to those who qualify according to guidelines from the Southwest Planning and Development District.