What are the regulations on building a fence in Natchez?

The regulations for fences depend on whether your property is located inside or outside the historic district.  However all fences are regulated by the corner visibility and visual clearance section in the Natchez Development Code. If your property is outside of the Historic District (map here) you may construct a fence six (6) feet in height, without a permit.  If you would like to build a higher fence, you must submit a permit application to the Planning Department.  

If you live inside the historic district, the maximum height for a wooden privacy fence is six (6) feet without review by the Preservation Commission.  Additionally, wooden privacy fences must have a flat or horizontal top.  Any other new fences, such as rod iron, handrails, or gates must receive an approved Certificate of Appropriateness from the Natchez Preservation Commission. See the Fence Guidelines in the Historic District for more detailed information. 

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