City Clerk

Location & Responsibilities

The City Clerk’s Office is located on the 1st floor of City Hall in downtown Natchez. The City Clerk’s Office performs a combination of tasks for the city and works to provide clear and concise information to various city departments, officials and the general public. In addition to serving as Treasurer for the City of Natchez, the City Clerk’s Office supervises all accounting throughout the city and ensures that individual departments and offices are practicing the most recent accepted accounting practices.

The City Clerk’s Office also serves the following functions for the City of Natchez:

  • Serves as Custodian of the city seal and official records
  • Serves as Registrar of Voters for the city
  • Responsible for all purchasing and receiving for the city
  • Manages privilege licenses
  • Manages budget and records
  • Certifies ordinances and resolutions
  • Manages and certifies city elections
  • Provides data processing services