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Welcome to Parks and Recreation!

The vision of the Parks and Recreation Department is about families, it’s about neighborhoods and homes, it’s about economic impact, it’s about giving those we serve an opportunity to become more than they are – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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Sign up for Natchez Friends of the Parks! It's Free...and Fun!

Our Parks & Recreation offerings are terrific. But we need Friends to help spread the word, share ideas, and encourage participation. It's just that simple.

As a special thanks, Friends can access V.I.P. Perks, Parties, Activities, and Special Outings. 

 And, you will be invited to be our guest at our VERY FIRST ANNUAL  "Friends Party" after the first of the year. We will lay out exciting plans for 2024 and enjoy learning how we can make 

Natchez Parks and Rec all it can be, together. 

All we are asking for is your enthusiasm in helping build interest in our activities and projects. Participation is always a plus! Sharing your skills or time on one of our many upcoming projects is a great way to get involved.

There's always something that needs sprucing up, events that need staffing, kids that need coaching, and money that needs raising for special projects. And, of course, there is always the fun that comes with planning and working alongside other "Friends of the Parks"!

I look forward to getting to know you through Natchez Friends of the Parks!

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It’s more than parks! It’s quality of Life.

It’s about lifestyle, art, ballparks, environment, encouragement, and wellness. It is about
quality of life. 


Ryan Porter

Director of Parks and Recreation

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