Office of Inspections

Department Responsibilities

  • Administer the currently adopted city building codes: 2009 International Codes, and 2011 National Electric Code, and coordinate with the Fire Marshall to administer the 2009 International Fire Code
  • Provide daily inspections of new construction, renovation, restoration, alteration, and electrical connection or re-connection request
  • Receive and act upon building permit applications for all of the construction trades
  • Perform building plans review prior to issuing building permits
  • Work with the local electricity company, Entergy, to ensure safe electrical power supply to residences and commercial buildings
  • Ensure, in coordination with the City Engineer, compliance of building plans and construction with the requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program.
  • Coordinate all water and sewer taps with Natchez Water Works
  • Issue driveway permits for the City Engineer, pursuant to a memorandum agreement
  • Investigate, in coordination with the Code Enforcement Section, citizen inquiries regarding substandard, unsafe, or dangerous buildings and provide the expertise required to make determinations as to legally required demolitions, improvements, and measures to secure unsafe buildings to prevent unauthorized entry and use
  • Provide inspections and repairs to the electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems in various City of Natchez buildings

Permit Request Applications - Only for utility companies operating within the public-right-of-way. 

Request your utility permit using the following steps:

1. Visit the Talk to My City website

2. Enter agency code: Nat01

3. Create login account

4. Complete permit request application

Submit your Entergy Permit Application

Street Light Outage Reporting

1. Identify the street light number (located on the pole) 

2. If no number is available, record the nearest intersection.

3. Call the Inspection Department and report the above information.

Applications and Information