Regional Transit

Quality & Service

The Natchez Transit System is committed to providing quality and exceptional service to our clients. We strive to provide an environment that is safe and pleasurable. We are committed to motivating our drivers to exhibit professionalism, courtesy, concern and empathy for our clients. In return we hope to gain the respect and achieve complete client satisfaction along with loyalty.

Key Natchez Transit Statistics

  • Natchez Transit System provides general public and community transportation, commuter routes, employment services, medical services, elderly and disabled services as well as operation routes that connect to Vicksburg, Jackson, Brookhaven, Jefferson and Wilkerson counties.
  • Natchez Transit System averages a total of 56,700 trips annually.
  • The Natchez Transit System and Southwest Mississippi Accessible Regional Transportation (SMART) holds monthly meetings on the 4th Thursday of each month. An announcement is made through the local newspaper with the time and location.

All requests for services must meet funding guidelines.