Community Overview

Where the Living is Easy

Ask Natchez area residents what makes their city a good place to live and you may get many different answers. Some will mention the temperate weather while others will mention the year-round activities. Still others will talk about the quaint shops and the ease of getting around from one place to another. Someone else will point out the easy pace and the moderate cost of living in the city, especially as compared to big-city living.

The truth is that all of those are good reasons to live in the Miss-Lou. But probably the most appealing characteristic of the area is its friendly people.

On the streets, in the stores and in restaurants and pubs, newcomers find friendly, hospitable people sincerely eager to learn who they are -- and especially, where they are from.

Arial view of the city

Early Settlers in Natchez

Because it is a river town, Natchez people, from earliest times, learned to mingle with new people and treat them warmly. They are the ones stopping by when flatboats brought goods down the river in the 1700s, those who came by steamboat in the 1800s, and those who came by automobiles in the 1900s. Many came to Natchez and stayed.

Culture of Natchez

The area is a melting pot of cultures that can be seen in its architecture, its houses of worship and in the men and women who inhabit the city today.

18th Century Architecture

Picturesque commercial buildings line the central shopping district. Nearby residential areas feature large old shade trees and houses that trace the architectural history of the city from late 18th-century styles to a few quite modern styles.

Community Activities

The Miss-Lou allows residents to be as busy or as leisurely in their activities as they wish. Concerts, festivals and seminars throughout the year offer cultural and educational opportunities and chances abound to volunteer with social agencies such as Boys and Girls Club or Salvation Army.

Book clubs, civic clubs, gardening clubs, hunting clubs and others represent diverse interests and provide chances for people who have similar interests to work and to play together.