Education & Literacy

Program Overview

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is a federally funded program. RSVP assists those individuals 55 years of age and older to use their hobbies, interests, and expertise to display their skills and experience to meet community needs. Sponsored by the City of Natchez, RSVP matches the volunteer to an assignment that his / her talent and interest, enriching their life personally by giving back to their community.

Volunteer Stations

These are some of the many volunteer stations offered to a RSVP volunteers such as, Natchez Children’s Home, Natchez Retiree Partnership, Stewpot, Natchez Senior Center, Natchez Regional Medical Center, and Natchez Festival of Music.Expand your horizons, join RSVP today. Call for more information on this innovated program.

TRIAD -The Right Information and Direction

Triad is a partnership with RSVP, Natchez Police Dept. and Adams County Sheriff Dept. This partnership involves helping educate seniors on crime prevention. This program offers many advantages to a senior on how to protect themselves against telemarketers and phone scams.Volunteers and community leaders go into the community to educate seniors about the criminal element of our society.