Keep Natchez Beautiful

The city of Natchez wants to continue to keep Natchez beautiful. As part of this commitment, the City of Natchez asks that our residents follow certain mandated city ordinances for handling trash and debris pick-up. Excerpts from the City of Natchez ordinances are as follows:

  • Section 66-36. Tree trimmings, hedge cuttings and shrubbery must total no more than two cubic yards and be placed adjacent to the residents regular collection location. Limbs must be cut to 4 feet in length and bundled. Large amounts of tree trimmings, in excess of two cubic yards in volume, heavy parts of trees, stumps, etc. shall not be picked up by Waste Pro, but shall be disposed of by the contractor or owner involved.
  • Section 66-37. Leaves, weeds and grass must be gaffed appropriately and placed in a garbage can for collection. Items placed on the sidewalk or curb will not be collected.
  • Section 66-40. Building debris, tree stumps/limbs and other bulky material that does not fit into a garbage can must be disposed of by contractors or residents in the proper manner. These items are not covered under city pick-up.

Any propane or pressurized containers, paint cans or gar operated machinery, fence post and/or wooden post will not be collected under our garbage pick-up service.

Each resident had been provided with a 55 gallon trash can. Each must only contain bagged garbage.

For any questions regarding these ordinances and procedures, please refer to chapter 66, article II of the City

Municipal Code- specifically sections 66-31 through 66-43.

Thank you for your Cooperation and dedication as we;

Keep Natchez Beautiful