Community Development

The community developer plays an integral role in maintaining the well-being of the community. Through various projects and initiatives, the community developer can secure funds through multiple sources to bring benefits to the city. Below are examples of on-going programs and services that the community developer provides:

  • Special Needs Assistance Program (SNAP) - this program’s goal is to provide limited home repairs that correct health and safety deficiencies. Eligibility criteria include but is not limited to –
    • Homeowner or person(s) in the home being 55 years of age or older OR person living in the home is handicapped or disabled;
    • Must own your home;
    • Home must be located within the city limits;
    • Must agree to execution of Deed Restriction;
    • Must meet income limits adjusted for family size
  • Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroad Preservation (with the assistance of the MS Dept. of Transportation)
  • Preservation of Historic Colonnades (with the assistance of the MS Dept. of Transportation)
  • Auburn Kitchen dependency preservation (with the assistance of the MS Dept. of Archives & History)
  • Elimination of Sanitary Sewage Overflow (SSO) on Highland Boulevard and US Highway 61 (with the assistance of the Delta Regional Authority)
  • 2015 Urban Youth Corps Program (with the assistance of the MS Dept. of Transportation)
  • Clinton Foundation Health Matters Initiative
  • ASU Entrepreneur Academy (with assistance from Rural Development)
  • Technical assistance to the mayor and board of alderman
  • Fundraising assistance for upcoming 2016 Tricentennial Celebration
  • Working with real estate developers to improve the supply of decent, safe and affordable housing within the City of Natchez