Green Monster with Recyling ArrowsRecycling in Natchez

Click here for a quick guide on what you can and cannot recycle in Natchez. 

The City’s curbside recycling program is provided to both businesses and residents.  The City of Natchez offers single-stream curbside recycling system. Single-stream recycling means that resident and businesses can place all appropriate recyclable material in one bin or cart, no separation or bagging required! 

How do I start recycling?

If you are a new resident and do not have a 95-gallon cart contact Natchez Water Works at 601-445-5521 or visit their website at

If you are a business and want to purchase an 95-gallon cart, please call Arrow Disposal Services at 866-440-3983.  Please click here to view the ADSI Customer Service Quick Reference

 All recyclables are collected every Wednesday, so remember to place your bins and carts out every Tuesday evening

Contamination - "When in doubt, throw it out"

Organic material such as food, medical waste, soiled paper, diapers, wire hangers, plastic bags, and anything not listed as "accepted" material can contaminate recycling load. Contaminated loads cannot be recycled and must be deposited in the landfill. 

Do your part and prevent contamination!

Accepted Recycling Materials

Print or save our recycling guide that details what can and cannot be recycled. 

Want to learn more about what type of plastics can be recycled? Click here.

Recycling Poster

Green Monster  aloneWhy Recycle?

Recycling is a great way to practice environmental awareness – for all ages! Here are a few reasons to recycle:

  • Recycling reduces the amount of waste in trash bins that go to the landfill;
  • Recycling “closes the loop,” which means instead of a “cradle to grave” cycle, a “cradle to cradle” system can be implemented, saving energy and environments.
  • Recycling promotes jobs and economic gains for participating communities, companies and industries that buy recyclable material because it is cheaper to re-manufacture the material into “new” products, rather than extracting raw material to manufacture products.

Recycling Resources

Recycling is an essential practice at home or work! The following links are local, state, and national resources to help you get into the recycling habit:

For additional assistance please contact Department of Planning & Community Development call 601.445.7518.