Project Nola

In 2018 the city of Natchez experienced a violent year amounting to 12 murders. The witnesses were/are reluctant to come forward for fear of safety. The police department had to find different ways to help combat the crime and to make up for the lack of information coming into the police department. Under the guidance of Chief Armstrong at the time, the department set off on a quest to locate a crime camera system that will aid in the development and arrest of offenders. These crime cameras have aided in the identifying the suspects involved in some violent crimes. Areas that were once heavy laden with crime have seen a major reduction in call volume to those locations. 

Project NOLA is a community sponsored crime camera system. A citizen orders the camera from Project NOLA and they will come hook it up. The homeowner has access to the video that is being captured on the camera. The video is also automatically saved to a server off site through Project NOLA and can be accessed by law enforcement when needed. The server usually holds the data for about 2 to 3 weeks before it is overwritten. All a person needs to get the Project NOLA camera is to 

1. Purchase the camera

 2. Have high speed internet access (most providers already provide this)

3. Have a wireless router 

4. Be willing to pay a monthly storage fee for the camera system. 

Watch the video below for a quick look into Project Nola. You can also obtain more information by visiting or calling (504) 298-9117.