Joyce Arceneaux-Mathis

Board of Alderman
Title: Alderwoman, Ward 1
Phone: 601-445-7500

Growing up as a child of the 60's, participation in the process of government was instilled at an early age. Therefore, once I ended my tenure as President of Mississippi Association of Educators and had worked to influence legislation concerning all aspects of public education, grades Kindergarten through 12, I looked for another source of positive involvement.

Upon returning home to re-enter the teaching profession with Natchez Public Schools, I immediately became reacquainted with the urgent need for economic development in Natchez and Adams County.

As a professional educator with over 24 years of experience, my concern has traditionally been the education of children and the impact of education on their lives. Too many of our brightest and best students are leaving Natchez and the State of Mississippi for better economic opportunities. Neither Natchez nor the State of Mississippi can continue to lose this most precious commodity, our young people to other cities in this nation. This knowledge along with the push of many of the citizens of Natchez led me to run for Alderwoman, Ward 1, City of Natchez.

I am proud to be the first elected black woman to hold this position. As a people person, getting more involved in community issues and working with citizens to solve problems has truly been an asset of this position.

Recently, through chairing the Utilities Committee, I have been instrumental in working with the Board of Water Commissioners. This board took on the task of bringing the water standards in Natchez up to the envious level of leading the state. However, that took comprehensive planning and a bond issue which increased water / sewer rates for the citizens of Natchez.

Through the leadership of the Mayor, Board of Water Commissioners and the department heads of city government, we recently found a way to say thank you to the citizens of Natchez by extending a gift of free water and sewage for 1 month. The month selected was December. The water bill will be 1 less financial burden for the citizens of Natchez during the holiday season. I'm very proud of this accomplishment and hope that this can continue. Hats off to the Board of Water Commissioners, the Mayor and other members of the Board of Aldermen of Natchez for their support of this concept.

Let us now move forward to the main focus of my campaign: economic development and the preparation of our citizens to access jobs of the 21st century which can be accomplished through the vision of the elected leadership of Natchez.

First elected to the Board of Aldermen in 1996, I currently serve as Chairman of the Public Properties Committee, member of the Health and Utilities Committee and the Street Committee. I am a retired music teacher at Natchez High School.

Joyce Arceneaux-Mathis is currently serving her 6th term as Alderwoman, Ward 1 City of Natchez in Mississippi. She is a past President of the Mississippi Association of Educators, an NEA affiliate, and a past NEA Director representing Mississippi on the National Education Board of Directors. 

She is a retired educator with 38 years of classroom and education leadership experience. Alderwoman Mathis has served as Mayor Pro-Tempore of the City of Natchez since 2008. She is the past President of the Mississippi Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials [2 terms] and a former member of the Mississippi Municipal League Board of Directors. Alderwoman Mathis has received all three levels of municipal government certification from the MML, including Basic Municipal Leadership, Advanced and Professional.

She has served on the Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Committee of the National League of Cities and currently serves on boards for Racial Equity and Leadership, along with Community and Economic Development.

One of her greatest achievements as Alderwoman representing Ward 1 of the City of Natchez was securing an $8,000,000 grant  from the United States Corp of Engineers, 592 Project, to provide much needed drainage infrastructure in Ward 1; which benefited the downtown business district and the neighborhoods within her ward. Improving the quality of life for the constituents of Ward 1 and the entire city of Natchez has been her driving goal.


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