How many hotel rooms are there in the Natchez area?

There are currently 1,200 hotel rooms in the Natchez area. To view a list of accommodations in Natchez please Click Here.

What is the most unique antebellum mansion in Natchez?

While many indeed consider Longwood as the most unique antebellum mansion, there are over 100 beautiful antebellum homes in the historic district of Natchez and the surrounding areas. Additionally, there are a number of lovely Victorian-era homes and Craftsman-style homes. Well-maintained gardens can be seen through the area. For more information see our Visit Natchez website.

How do I book a convention through the Natchez Convention Center?

To book a convention through the Natchez Convention Center please visit our Visit Natchez website.

Is there a city-owned antebellum mansion?

Yes, there is a city-owned antebellum mansion.

Stephen Duncan’s magnificent Auburn Museum and Antebellum Home (ca. 1812) is open to the public. Auburn was designed by architect, Levi Weeks, and built for Lyman Harding, the first Attorney General of Mississippi.

What options are available for shopping in Natchez?

The historic district has wonderful shopping for tourists. There is a variety of antique, gift and book shops. Many of the tour homes also have museum gift shops. Natchez also has specialty clothing stores as well as a mall, shopping developments, and gardening, home improvement and farming supply stores.

What options are available for restaurants in Natchez?

Natchez has both fine and casual dining, with wide-range pricing. The historic district and the surrounding area are filled with a large variety of choices.